HR Outsourcing
People, Positions, Processes, Productivity… Effective HR practices are linked to higher employee productivity and lower turnover. HR is about creating business value, thinking strategically with down to earth practical advice. We know how to pull it all together!
Employee Relations
Whether it is a single employee concern or the desire to improve your overall human capital investment, there are HR strategies, practices and tools that can be identified and applied. We readily share from our toolbox of experience!
Management Training
Studies done by Gallup have shown that Managers are the reasons employees stay or leave a company. How good are your managers at leading their employees? Leadership training is one our core strengths; we love when we are invited in to train and enhance a leadership team’s capability and effectiveness.
Policy Development
Policy development and implementation is a core component of any risk management plan for a company. We have developed policies for review, tweaked based on your organization needs and can assist with their rollout and implementation. Let us work with you to be compliant!
Employee Assessments
Employee assessments help you make better personnel decisions by providing consistent, in depth, objective information on your workforce. We have valuable tools and incorporate them in recruiting, coaching, team building, leadership development and training programs that we offer.
  • Creating Human Capital Business Plans for owners of small to mid-size businesses
  • Identifying gaps, priorities and actions for executing and implementing your Human Capital Business Plan
  • Aligning HR practices with vision and proper governance to contribute to successful business outcomes
  • Participating at the Leadership Table or Training/Coaching your HR Lead to sit at the Leadership Table.